Asarum caudatum
Asarum caudatum 10990.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Unranked: Angiosperms
Unranked: Magnoliids
Order: Piperales
Family: Aristolochiaceae
Genus: Asarum
Species: A. caudatum
Binomial name
Asarum caudatum

A. caudatum var. caudatum </br> A. caudatum var. viridiflorum

Asarum caudatum (British Columbia wild ginger, Western wild ginger, or long-tailed wild ginger) is native to rich moist forests of western North America from British Columbia to California and as far east as western Montana.

In spring, it develops distinct hirsute (hairy) cup-shaped, brown-purple to green-yellow flowers which terminate in three long gracefully curved lobes, often concealed by leaves. The long rhizomes give rise to persistent reniform (kidney/heart shaped) leaves. Leaves are found in colonies or clusters as the rhizome spreads.[2] The leaves emit a ginger aroma when rubbed.

Common NamesEdit

Wild Ginger, British Columbia wildginger, longtail wildginger



  • Attracts ants which aid in seed dispersal
  • Normally found under the cover of trees