Loropetalum Chinense Rubrum
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Unranked: Angiosperms
Unranked: Eudicots
Unranked: Core eudicots
Order: Saxifragales
Family: Hamamelidaceae
Genus: Loropetalum

Loropetalum chinense
Loropetalum lanceum
Loropetalum subcordatum

Loropetalum is a genus of 3 species of shrub in the witch-hazel family, Hamamelidaceae, native to China, Japan, and south-eastern Asia.

The name Loropetalum refers to the shape of the flowers and comes from the Greek loron meaning strap and petalon meaning petal. Flowers are produced in clusters during spring and are similar to those of the closely related witch-hazel. Each flower consists of four to six (depending on species) slender strap shaped petals 1-2 cm long.

The species are:

  • Loropetalum chinense - white-flowering variety up to 3.7 m tall, pink-flowering variety up to 1.5 m tall
  • Loropetalum lanceum - up to 13 m tall, white flowers
  • Loropetalum subcordatum - up to 12 m tall